Your DNA and your diet

Did you know that your lifestyle affects how your genes work?

If you test for certain genes you can determine if you are at risk for certain health conditions such as high cholesterol, food sensitivities or obesity.  But that is not the end of it. You can then lower this risk through dietary and lifestyle changes. 

Yes- these genes can then be switched off or on by changing your lifestyle! The test is a simple cheek swab which is done at the rooms, and then sent off to the lab for analysis. Once we have the results we will design a nutrition and lifestyle intervention plan to meet your specific requirements.

Nutrigenomics is the scientific study of how nutrition interacts with our genes.  This means that we can manipulate how our genes work by manipulating our lifestyle ie what we eat and how we exercise.  Genetic testing allows us to identify the health conditions you may be prone to and then we can work out nutritional interventions to reduce your risk of developing these conditions.  The DNA samples are collected at the rooms with a cheek swab (no blood test needed), and then sent off to DNAlysis laboratories for analysis.  Once we have the results we will design an intervention program to meet your requirements. 

We offer the following tests:

  1. DNA diet 

we test for:

  • variations linked to overweight and obesity
  • ability to lose or gain weight easily
  • responsiveness to exercise
  • factors affecting fat metabolism

We are then able to determine if you are more suited to a low carbohydrate diet, or a low fat diet, or a Mediterranean diet.  We can optimise your diet for better weight-loss results.

R1957 (test only)

  1. DNA health

we test for genetic variations that are known to impact our susceptibility to chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, cancer, neural tube defects, amongst others.

When we get the results, we will be able to offer nutritional guidance on how to prevent or manage these conditions.

R3306 (test only)

3.  DNA Oestrogen R2128 (test only)

4. DNA Sport  R2128 (test only)

5. DNA Skin  R2128 (test only)

6.  DNA Mind R2869 (test only)

NB: The prices do fluctuate according to the Rand:Pound exchange rate.

There is a substantial saving if you do more than one nutrigenomic (NGx) test:


ANY 2 NGx tests R3857
ANY 3 NGx tests R4275
ANY 4 NGx tests   R4712
ANY 5 NGx tests   R5073
ALL 6 NGx tests  SPECIAL DEAL!! R4120

There is an initial assessment/consultation fee of R620.

Feedback sessions to go through the reports are R850, including the diet plan; or R750 without a diet plan.


DNA Diet Testing  


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