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Eat well, Live brilliantly!

Sarah is a qualified and registered dietician who provides specialised nutrition advice to men, women and children. Why visit a Dietician? Whether you only require advice on how to improve your current eating habits, or need specific nutrition advice for a medical condition, I can help you! I offer practical solutions to help you achieve your nutrition and lifestyle goals.

Sarah is available for in-person and online consultations.

Helpful Tips and Articles

untitled-design-2021-12-06t140320576.png- pearl barley salad

Pearl Barley Salad Recipe

Pearl barley is commonly added to soups and stews in winter to make them filling and heartwarming.  Here is a summertime recipe, using pearl barley in a salad. It is…

Optimise Fertility

New programme uses DNA testing address the root cause of infertility   Are you battling to conceive? A new program, Supreme Fertility uses DNA testing to address the root cause…
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Food and Mood

Given our current circumstances in the Covid-19 lockdown,  I think that most of us are feeling a little blue.  I have researched a few tips as to how we can…

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