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Sarah Wildy

Sarah Wildy, is a registered Dietician with the Health Professionals Council of South Africa.  She completed her Bachelor of Science degree in Dietetics and her Post-Graduate Diploma in Dietetics at the University of Natal, Pietermaritzburg.  She is married with two young and busy daughters, and understands the stress of trying to lead a balanced and healthy life.  She is committed to guiding and educating her patients to achieve their personal health and nutritional goals. Her main interest is treating conditions related to lifestyle, and helping people to understand what healthy eating means to them.  


How Can We Help

It is very true to say “you are what you eat”.  Just by following a healthy diet, and by keeping active one is well on the way to preventing many lifestyle-related diseases, and feeling truly well.  In this day and age, one is constantly bombarded with many confusing facts and misinformation about nutrition, that one does not know what a healthy diet entails.  Sarah strongly recommends that should you have any questions about nutrition, then consult a dietician.  Dieticians are scientifically trained to assess and treat you as an individual.  You will then know what a healthy eating means to you!