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Consultation structure for a comprehensive dietary treatment plan:

  1. Initial Consultation: R730

This is very much a fact-finding meeting for the dietician to find out your likes and dislikes, and to determine your goals. The dietician will take:

  • physical measurements – height; weight; body fat; waist circumference. I use an InBody Body Composition Analyser to determine fat, muscle and water values.  
  • a medical and family history
  • a dieting history
  • a 24-hour dietary recall
  • goal-setting
  • blood tests will be ordered if deemed necessary
  • dietary education will be given
  • OPTIONAL: nutrigenomic (DNA) tests will be done if the patient would like a diet plan that is personalised according to their DNA. These tests are an additional cost, starting at R2750.
  1. Diet Plan Consultation (Second Consultation): R585 or R1025

The dietician will take all the information gathered from the initial consultation, and draw up an individualised diet plan to meet the patient’s specific nutritional requirements. The patient is educated on the reasoning behind the diet plan so that they are empowered to make the correct food choices to meet their dietary requirements. They are also given menu ideas and recipes to follow.

The diet plan can be sent via email for a fee of R585 to cover the cost of drawing up your plan.

If you would like a 45 minute consultation to go through your eating plan with the dietican, the fee is R1025 (includes the diet plan and time with the dietician). This can be done in-person or on Zoom.

  1. Follow -Ups and Monthly Coaching R510 in-person or R275 online per month

These consultations involve monitoring the patient, and fine-tuning the patient’s diet plan. InBody measurements will be done on weight-loss and weight-gain clients. 

he dietician will do a dietary intake assessment to ensure you are managing your personalised diet plan.  The necessary dietary changes will be made during these sessions. The fee is R510 per month.  You will also be able to ask questions via email and WhatsApp so that the dietician can coach you on your lifestyle and dietary changes. 

If you would prefer the online coaching option and not see the dietician in-person, the fee is R275 per month which gives you access to the dietician for questions and feedback via WhatsApp Mon-Fri 8am to 6pm.

Various topics will be covered in the follow-ups. These include eating out and socializing; coping with hunger; managing comfort eating; healthy meal ideas; breaking the fat-loss plateau; getting active and overcoming exercise barriers.

  1. Quick Check-Ins for Fat-loss Clients:  R365

Please note: The fees are paid to the practitioner. You will be given an invoice to submit to medical aid for a refund.  

Discovery Vitality Members will earn 1000 Vitality Points for consulting with a dietician.