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Five Tips on Preparing your Kitchen for Healthy Food Choices

As we say good bye to the holidays and look forward to the year ahead, many of us set goals to improve our health and lifestyle.  Diet is a key component of health, and often a top priority on one’s journey to optimal health.  Healthy eating does not have to be tedious or overwhelming, especially if you create an environment in your home that is more conducive to you being able to make healthier food choices.

These are my 5 top tips for you to get you started on a path to healthy eating:

  1. Clear out the holiday junk food from your food cupboard or pantry.  Make sure there are no biscuits, rusks, crisps, sweets or any of your favourite junk food available.  If they are out of sight, they should be out of mind!
  2. Display your fruit bowl prominently in the kitchen. Fresh fruit is a healthy snack option so make sure it is the first food item you see in your kitchen. Arrange a variety of seasonal fruit in a bowl.  A colorful fruit bowl looks good, and it a great way to increase your fruit intake.
  3. If you entertain frequently and tend to have a supply of cooldrinks for this, then you need to think carefully about where you store these drinks. Don’t keep them in your fridge as they could be a huge temptation when faced with thirst or even hunger.  Rather store them in your garage, and only refrigerate them on the day that you are entertaining guests.  Any leftover cooldrinks should be returned to the garage after the party. Consider having a dry (alcohol-free) January so that you can break any pattern of habitual drinking.
  4. Stick a meal plan on your fridge. Spend up to an hour per week planning your lunches and suppers for the oncoming week.  Draw up a shopping list based on your plan, and shop accordingly.  You will find meal preparation a whole lot easier when you have already dreamed up what is on the menu, and you have all the right ingredients available to prepare the dishes of the day!
  5. Keep a glass near the kettle. Too often we reach for a cup of tea or coffee instead of water.  If the water glass is placed right by the kettle, you will remind yourself to drink the water first! This will make it easier for you to increase your water intake and limit the amount of tea or coffee you might drink.